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Returns and Exchanges

Please Pay Close Attention to the Instructions For Returns and Exchanges

This RMA section will facilitate a simple, problem-free return. You must receive an RMA number from our automated system in order to return anything. Packages without an RMA number may be refused or charged an additional $10 customer service fee.

  1. Obtain an RMA number for your order - enter your information below.
  2. Indicate exchange or return.
  3. Enter product issue (if applicable).
  4. Pay applicable fees (if applicable).
  5. Print RMA sheet and ship package to our address.
  6. Return Product within 10 Days.
  7. We will process your return/exchange within 4 business days after receiving package.

Once logged in, you will have the option of submitting a support ticket should there be any problems with your return or exchange.


Returns that do not comply with our requirements may be shipped back at the customer's expense. Please be sure shipments conform to our guidelines and have a RMA number prior to returning the product.

WE WILL NOT EXCHANGE products damaged by improper installation or mishandling. Any orders shipped back to us under false pretenses or claims will be shipped back at customer's expense.

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For any Returns, Exchanges or problems with orders received please click here


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