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iPod Touch 1st Gen Digitizer, Glass and Frame Assembly

Fits All: iPod Touch 1st Gen - 8gb
Model Number on Back:

Requires a little work.
Takes about 10-20 minutes

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iPod Touch 1st Gen Digitizer, Glass and Frame Assembly 
Retail Price - $62.00: $34.00 On Sale
  Professional Installation:
  On Backorder - Product is coming in 13 days on 12/12/2021. We have added an additional Discount of 15% -$6.00  Qty:

Self Installation Kit Includes:

Official iTools

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It is the absolute easiest way to repair your ipod touch with cracked glass. 

This is a complete Digitizer Assembly for iPod Touch Gen 1. Includes Pre-Assembled Digitizer, Glass, Frame and Home button. Compatible with Gen 1 iPod Touch Only (no volume button on the side).

This part allows you to avoid scraping the broken glass out of its frame and having to attach the new glass to the old frame.

To Install this digitizer, frame and glass assembly, remove the LCD Screen from your old digitizer frame and install it into this new assembly.  Swap a small copper conductor, small plastic signal guide, and the small metal disc on the home button to your new assembly and reassemble your iPod Touch.

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