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iPod and iPhone 30-pin Dock Extender Cable 47" - White

Fits All: iPod, ipod touch, iphone, ipod nano, ipod mini, ipod classic, ipod video all - Cable
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iPod and iPhone 30-pin Dock Extender Cable 47" - White 
Retail Price - $34.74: $16.96 On Sale
  Professional Installation:
  On Backorder - Product is coming in 13 days on 6/25/2021. We have added an additional Discount of 15% -$2.99  Qty:

Self Installation Kit Includes:

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  ipod and iPhone Car Charger
$19.95 - 60% Off = $7.98
The Dock Extender Cable allows you to dock your iPod or iPhone from a distance, or while in a case. Small diameter, flexible cable provides connection pathways for power, audio output, USB data sync, play controls, accessory power and composite video. It does not support S-video output or input for recording audio. Compatible with iPhone, iPod (touch, classic, video), & iPod nano (2nd & 3rd Gen).
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