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iPhone 1st Gen Battery

iPhone 1st Gen Battery
Model Number on Back of Device: A1203

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iPhone 1st Gen Battery
  Retail Price - $39.58 Qty:  In Stock
  Our Price: $24.74: $19.99 On Sale
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In Stock

900 mAh  - Original Battery      
1200 mAh  - Competition     
1400 mAh -  Our Battery    

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This is a brand new replacement battery for the iPhone 1st Gen battery. The iPhone 1st Gen battery is one of the most difficult batteries to replace. It requires soldering. We highly suggest Professional Installation to insure the battery is properly installed without damaging the iPhone 1st Gen.
*Instructions Not included for this model yet.Polymer Lithium
3.7 volts
1400 mAh
Higher Capacity than Original Battery.
Our iPhone 1st Gen Battery is designed with superior performance in mind

Integrated Power Management Circuits - protect against over-voltage and under-voltage conditions and maximizes battery life between charges, minimizes charging times, and improves overall battery life.

COMPATIBILITY (Model Numbers):
MA501LL A, MA712LL A, MB384LL A, A1203, 616-0291,
Ease of Installation

Takes Patience
We Recommend Professional Installation but not Mandatory
Takes about 20-40 minutes



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